Scarlet Eve Cotton Wash Bag

A zippered bag for laundering Deluxe Face Wipes or other small items.

The Scarlet Eve Cotton Wash Bag has been developed for use with our Deluxe Face Wipes. The lightweight fabric allows for effective cleaning while keeping small or delicate items contained and protected while laundering.

The loop with snap allows the Wash Bag to be hung around a towel rail or handle while you fill it with Face Wipes over several days. The lightweight cotton fabric allows for breathability during this time.

Scarlet Eve Cotton Wash Bags measure approximately 16.5cm wide and 20cm high. They can also be used to launder 2-3 small Cloth Pads, several pairs of Breast Pads, or other delicates.

Material: 100% Cotton Voile.
Care Instructions: Place used items into the bag, close the zip and gentle warm or cold machine wash. Gently pull into shape before line drying. Iron if preferred, avoiding plastic snaps and direct contact with zip and label.

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