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Owner, Operator and Seamstress


I took the Scarlet Eve reins from Jo in July 2021, and I am very honoured to be continuing the business Jo worked so hard to establish. I am Jo's niece and I started making Pads for Scarlet Eve in 2013. Anything with the Scarlet Eve brand is now made by me, in my little home sewing studio I affectionately call Scarlet Eve HQ.

At Scarlet Eve, my purpose is to make and supply comfortable, quality products that will last with years of use. I source supplies locally to Western Australia and Australia where possible, and use as much of the fabrics as possible - offcuts from Menstrual Pads are used for other reusable items such as Breast Pads and Face Wipes.


My family are a great support, and help out with cutting fabrics, snapping pads and posting orders when things get busy. Now that my children are a bit older, they also like to contribute. My teenage son helps to edit product photos for the website, and my daughter likes to help choose fabrics and pack orders. 

I love hearing from customers, getting their feedback, helping someone to find the right products for them, creating the exact right customised product for a customer, and troubleshooting issues. Excellent customer service is at the heart of Scarlet Eve.



Founder of Scarlet Eve

Jo Watson of Scarlet Eve