Thousands of women have now used Scarlet Eve cloth pads.

Here is what some of them had to say:

"Thank you for bringing out the basics black range! I often wear black underwear and much prefer to wear similar colour pads. I have my stash and Scarlet Eve is my fave, I'm slowly building up a stash for my daughter. Thanks for your amazing comfortable products"
~ Robyn, VIC

"Your pads are my daughter's favourites out of many we have tried... We love the pull out pad design - so much easier to clean and quick drying! Thank you for making such an awesome product"
~ Rochelle, WA

"Hey Simone,
Just wanted to send a quick note that I'm a big Scarlet Eve fan, I've been reusing the same products I bought over 5 years ago (definitely when your aunty still owned the store) and they're still in perfect condition! Can't wait to get the new order"
- Madison, WA

"Hi Simone,
Yesterday I received my parcel and I wanted to let you know how pleased I am. I purchased them for my 11 year old in preparation for her first period and when I gave her the parcel to open she was excited and saying how much she loves the pretty colours. My intention was to ease her into her first moon without the anxiety and fear I had and I thank you for helping me achieve that. How blessed the younger generation are to have options such as these. I may have to purchase a few for myself!"
- Rebecca, QLD

"Hi Jo,
I purchased 6 liner pads from you, 4 years ago. I am still using them. I am amazed that after all the hand washing I have done to them, there is not a stitch out of place. They have been made with such care and quality. Thank you."

"Since I’ve started using them all I can think of is I want to tell and share them with all the women I have in my life- friends and family. So I will be touch to get more. I know back home in singapore it’s very hard to hear of these pads I feel so obligated to share them. Thank you so so much for believing in what you do so wholeheartedly. The time, effort, thoughts you put into your product, it shows."

  "Hello Jo,
my sister and I bought some cloth pads from you at the BWWA expo recently. We are first time users and both are converts! I’m so glad I discovered these now rather than later. I feel so clean, comfortable and DRY using them. With family history and losses of aunts and grand aunts to cervical cancer, I can only be hopeful of the benefits of cloth pads over the commercial pads. Thank you! And we’re going to have to visit you to buy many more."

  “Thank you again for making such beautiful pads. I have never had such a joyous period before in my life. There is something wonderful about having a gorgeous cloth pad instead of being greeted by a gross and yucky disposable pad. I feel good about myself instead of dirty and gross. Thank you so much for that! I am excited to let more woman know about cloth pads!”

“Hi Jo,
I absolutely love your pads. Have been trialling them since I got them and from this morning I actually NEED to use them! I have had to alternate between disposables and your pads and my skin is hating the disposables!
Just wondering if I was to order some more today….”

“They absorb soooooo much more than disposables! Normally in a day, I would maybe use 6 or more disposables? But today I have used 3 cloth ones and have not even felt wet or uncomfortable and haven’t even gotten close to leaking!
It’s been wonderful so Thank you!!!! Xx”

“Hi jo I have been following your site for a few days now and am totally in love with your work.”

“Hi Jo, my order arrived today so pretty quick service to adelaide i think” 

“i got my scarlet eve pad today & LOVE it, you’re so talented! Thank you by the way  its exactly what i was wanting. I’ve already recommended you to a bunch of mummies on an MCN buy/sell thread. I tried [another brand] pads too, but really like yours. They’re perfect for me absorbency/length/trimness etc. Love them “

“Hi Jo, I just got an amazing parcel from you!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you – they are amazing and as ever, so very perfect!”

“LOVING these cloth pads Jo!! I have really light flow so the mini’s are perfect.”

“Thanks for getting back to me so quick. I think I’ll want to try use it full time. I’ve heard great things!”

“Hi Jo, I’m wanting to order some more lovely pads from you. I got my bleed back yesterday after almost 2.5 years of no period. It’s painful and heavy but it has also been fun to use my new pads finally! And my JuJu cup which I now love.”

“Jo, Thankyou so much, I love my new pads, so much better than what i was using :)”

“Hey Jo I love love love your products. What used to be a uncomfortable time of the month is now not so bad…AND when I need them they’re all ready for me in my drawer to greet me with comfortable fabric and happy colours. Just wanted you to know x”

“Still loving your products and so glad that your venture has been so sucessful. xxx”

“Hi Jo, pads arrived today. I am in LOVE!!!!!! Oh my goodness, I absolutely adore them, thank you!!!”

“Hi Jo, my mid cycle pink bag arrived today, it is even better in real life! So soft & beautiful”

“Im very excited, I’ve heard great things about your products!” 

“i have been using cloth for coming up to 8 years now. i started with [brand] pads, then added some that i got from [friend] on JB a few years back, then made some of my own and a few other brands, then SE and OMG Jo seriously they are the best cloth i have ever used, i use the mini and tiny pads everyday through pregnancy atm. cannot wait to have SE pads for PP thanks again xxxx im a complete SE convert after buying my moontime pack after babe #5 was born “

“Hi I got them and am very happy with the ubers and mini the quality is fantastic.”

 “A review for you. I used the cup for the first time today and I’m officially converted! I was surprised just how comfortable it is and how easy it is to use. Thanks so much xxx”

“I love the rainbow flannel ones too.  [friend] gave me 2 pairs (of breast pads) and they are the best I have ever used “

“Thanks so much for my amazing cloth pads! I just used my first few and was so impressed and amazed at how well they worked, and how easy it was to wash and dry them, that I’ve now ordered Round #2! Such beautiful colours and designs. I feel so good about reducing my waste. Great job, keep it up!”  KM

“Just received my 3rd lot of pads today, I just love these. So much better than the disposable ones. they make me enjoy having my period!”