Juju Cup



Juju Menstrual Cup

JuJu Menstrual Cup is a cup-like receptacle made from medical-grade
silicone. It is used for the collection of menstrual fluid and is a reusable
alternative to sanitary pads and tampons.

JuJu Cup is folded and inserted into the vagina where it opens, creates a seal, and collects menstrual flow. It is removed, emptied, washed, and re-inserted. After each cycle, it is disinfected and reused during the next menstrual cycle.

While there are no hard and fast rules for selecting a size, model
selection is generally based on childbearing history. Many other
factors, such as anatomy, age, and pelvic floor tone may also
influence your cup size selection.
1. Primary factors: Childbearing history, age, and cervical position
The following is a guide to selecting a suitable model;
§ Model 1: Under 30 years of age and have not given birth
§ Model 2: Over 30 years of age or have given birth
§ Model 3: For a high cervix or long vaginal canal
§ Model 4: For a low cervix or short vaginal canal
This is only a guide. Many women who have had children will still be
able to successfully use a Model 1, and vice versa. So, please also
consider the other factors below in conjunction with childbearing
history and age.
2. Cervical position
Your cervical position may also influence your selection of the model
number and/or your ability to successfully use a menstrual cup. Your
cervix may move at different stages of your cycle, so it’s a good idea
to check your cervical position at the beginning, in the middle, and at
the end of your menstrual cycle to get a good understanding of your
overall cervical position.
To determine your cervical height; wash your hands, then insert your
index finger into your vagina to locate your cervix. Your cervix is a
bump, which feels a bit like the end of your nose, but is shaped like a
donut. Thoroughly wash your hands.
If you consistently feel your cervix sitting just inside the vaginal
opening or when you have only inserted the tip of your finger up to
your ‘first knuckle’ (or the bend in your finger just below your
fingernail), you most likely have a low cervix and a Model 4 JuJu Cup
may be the most suitable for you. The Model 4 JuJu Cup is better
suited to shorter vaginal canals as it has a shorter body and stem
when compared with other JuJu Models. Please only choose this
model if you are sure you have a low cervix throughout your cycle as
the removal of this cup may be more difficult if you have a normal to
high cervix. In most cases, the Model 4 JuJu Cup is not recommended
for young girls or virgins.
If you are unable to reach your cervix or need to insert your finger
past the middle bend in your finger before you can feel your cervix,
you most likely have a high cervix and may like to consider the Model
3 JuJu Cup. The Model 3 JuJu Cup has a longer body, which makes
removal easier for women with a high cervix and longer vaginal canal.
3. Age
Some women experience a loss of pelvic
floor tone due to hormonal changes
and/or age. In this case, a Model 2 may
be a preferred choice. A Model 4 should
be considered if there is a loss of pelvic
floor tone in conjunction with a low
4. Virgins and young women
A Model 1 is recommended for virgins
and sexually active young women.
A Model 3 is recommended for virgins
and sexually active young women with a
high cervix/long vaginal canal.
5. Pelvic floor tone and exercise
If you have good pelvic floor tone,
practice regular Kegel exercises or other
activities, such as Pilates, yoga or dance,
you may wish to consider a Model 1
regardless of your childbearing history
and age.
If you have had corrective surgery, such
as vaginoplasty or perineoplasty, you
may want to consider a Model 1.
A Model 3 is recommended for women
who have good pelvic floor tone in
conjunction with a high cervix.
If you have lost some pelvic floor tone
and have a low cervix, you may wish to
consider a Model 4. This Model should
only be chosen if you are confident with
removing a menstrual cup and are sure
you have a low cervix.
6. Build
If you have a petite or small build, you
may wish to consider a Model 1 JuJu.
If you have a larger build, you may wish
to consider a Model 2 JuJu.

Inserting your JuJu

JuJu is easier to insert and remove when you’re relaxed. It only takes a few seconds to insert or remove your JuJu. While it may take some practice, it will become easier as you become better acquainted with this product.

Give yourself a few cycles to become comfortable with insertion and removal. Remember to experiment with folds and insertion techniques. Using your JuJu is all about identifying what is comfortable for you.

Clean your JuJu before using it for the first time. See instructions in the ‘Cleaning and Storing’ section.

 ifu-washhands.png 1. 

Wash your hands with soap and warm water. Rinse your hands thoroughly and then rinse your JuJu in running water, as it's easier to insert when wet. You can use water or a water-based lubricant on the entrance of your vagina, or you can insert your JuJu in the shower.

ifu-fold.png 2. 

Fold your JuJu into a 'c' shape using both hands - flatten two sides together then fold it over itself.

The video below demonstrates the most common 'c' or 'u' fold however more folds are available the FAQs Folds sections.

TIPS: If you have difficulty getting your cup to open run your cup under cold water and try a different fold such as the 'punch down' fold which makes the silicone spring open easier. Conversely, if you prefer a softer cup, run your cup under warm water prior to inserting.




Hold your JuJu firmly in your dominant hand, below the upper rim. Spread your legs and gently part your labia (skin around the vagina) with your free hand. Make sure the round side of the ‘c’ is facing up.



Insert your JuJu slowly into your vaginal opening, with the ‘c’ side up. Direct it back towards the base of your spine, at a 45% angle, not straight up. Stop as soon as the cup and stem are not visible. You can insert your JuJu from a sitting, squatting, standing (with one leg raised) or kneeling position, whatever is most comfortable for you. The easiest way for most first time users is to squat down with the knees spread open.



Ensure the cup has opened by either swirling your finger around the outside of the cup or you can try to rotate your cup to ensure there is a good seal. If your cup has not opened, try a few pelvic floor exercises to open it or re-insert and check it again. Wash your hands with soap and warm water.

Your JuJu can now be worn for up to 12 hours depending on your flow. Generally you can wear a cup for twice as long as you would traditionally use a tampon or pad.


More questions?

If you experience any issues while wearing your JuJu, please contact jo@scarleteve.com.au.


Removing your JuJu

JuJu can be worn for a maximum of 8 hours at a time. It can safely be worn overnight, but no longer than 8 hours. We recommend removing JuJu, rinsing and reinserting it before bed and again in the morning.

Depending on the heaviness of your flow, JuJu may need to be removed between 4 and 8 hours after insertion. With every cycle, you will become more familiar with your own rhythm and know when you need to empty your JuJu.

When learning to use JuJu, we recommend removing and emptying your JuJu in the shower if possible. You are likely to be relaxed in the shower, if you spill the contents while learning how to remove you JuJu it is easy to clean up and a bit of warm water can be used as lubricant to aid with removal and re-insertion.

 ifu-washhands.png 1.  

Wash your hands with soap and warm water. Relax - removal is easier if you are not tense.

NOTE: Do not try to remove your JuJu by pulling on the stem as this will increase the suction seal and make removal more difficult. Removing your cup by pulling the stem may also cause the stem to break.



Remove your JuJu from a comfortable position. Squatting will shorten the vagina and make it easier to remove. Relax your vaginal muscles - relaxing your jaw will also help relax the rest of your body. Feel for the base of your JuJu. If you cannot feel your JuJu at the opening of your vagina, bear down slightly to push it lower. Squeeze the base of the cup with your index finger and thumb  to break the suction seal. Fold your JuJu into a slim shape as you slowly pull one side out first and then tilt it and release the other side. Once removed, keep your JuJu upright to avoid spilling fluid. See FAQ - Removal if you are still having difficulty removing your cup. 



Empty the contents into the toilet. Wash your JuJu in the sink with soap and warm water and then rinse it thoroughly. If a sink is not available, you can wipe your JuJu clean with toilet paper or rinse with water from a bottle.



Re-insert your JuJu and wash your hands with soap and warm water.

Cleaning and storing your JuJu

Before first use and at the end of each cycle wash and disinfect your JuJu before storing it.

In situations where you do not have access to clean water, for example when travelling, use bottled drinking water to clean and disinfect your cup.


Wash your JuJu with soap, warm water and a soft cloth or brush to remove any residual build up.

Ensure that the tiny holes at the top of your JuJu are clear as they help form and release the seal. The holes can be cleaned by squirting water through them or carefully use a toothpick (discard after use) to remove any debris.

Thoroughly rinse your cup, then disinfect.


Boil your JuJu in a pot of water for 3 - 5 minutes (never boil JuJu for more than 5 minutes).


Rinse and dry your JuJu before putting it back in its own carry-bag until your next period. Always store JuJu in a ventilated area; never keep in a plastic bag or airtight container as moisture cannot evaporate without airflow and your cup will not dry properly.

Over time, you might notice some discolouration of your JuJu. If this occurs you can cleanse your JuJu with isopropyl rubbing alcohol.

If you notice any rips, tears or changes in the texture of your JuJu, it’s time to replace it.

*OLD STYLE* Juju Technical information

OLD STYLE JuJu cup dimensions and capacities are as follows:

Model Capacity Diameter Length
(Rim to cup base)
(Rim to stem) 
1 20ml 40mm 46mm 65mm
2 30ml 46mm 50mm 69mm