*Replacement* Mask Filter (Small)

100% Polypropylene Mask Filter
Replacement Filter for Small sized Scarlet Eve Masks


Scarlet Eve Cloth Masks have a contoured shape for a good fit and room to breathe, without compromising comfort. They are a 3 layer mask consisting of two layers of cotton and a filter layer.

Small masks will fit most children of Primary School age.

Scarlet Eve Masks have a filter layer sewn in and can be ironed. This filter will deteriorate over time. This replacement polypropylene mask filter can then be slipped into the pocket of the mask. Polypropylene filters can be washed but do not iron them or they will melt.


Scarlet Eve masks are made using the Twig and Tale pattern.

This pattern is not for a professional-grade or medical-grade mask, and we make no warranties or guarantees about the effectiveness of the mask in preventing the transmission of COVID-19 or other viruses.

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