Jersey Fish Regular Pad

Cute Seaspray and White Fish on Dark Blue Cotton Jersey.
Seaspray PUL.


The absolute work-horse of the Scarlet Eve cloth pad range, Regular pads were developed back in 2009.  They feature a uniquely functional pocket and flip-out design, enabling more thorough washing and drying of the bamboo fleece core without the need for 2 separate pieces.*


3 layers of bamboo fleece for moderate to heavy absorption for both menstruation, lochia and bladder leakage.

PUL fabric on the back, for peace of mind waterproofing that is also airily breathable.


Approximately 25 cm in length.

Approximately 8cm snapped width.


* Regular Pads have been designed to have the flip-out feature, where the absorbent inner core can be folded out for more thorough washing and faster drying. This also allows the stain-removing powers of the sun to help naturally bleach the fleece.  The open end of the pad also enables a booster to be inserted, to add extra absorbency for the heavier days.

During the post-partum period, the open end of Scarlet Eve pads allow a frozen ice pack to be placed inside to soothe bruised or swollen tissue. This would also assist in pain relief and reduce swelling in women with haemorrhoids or other surgeries.

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