*Imperfect* Navy Sloths New Woman Pad

Soft Navy Blue Cotton Flannel.
Cute Blue and Yellow Sloths on White PUL.

To mark the momentous occasion of becoming a woman, this extra special range of cloth pads have been designed with the young teen in mind. The New Woman. They feature a uniquely functional pocket and flip-out design, enabling more thorough washing and drying of the bamboo fleece core without the need for 2 separate pieces.*


3 layers of bamboo fleece for moderate absorption for menstruation, lochia and bladder leakage.

PUL fabric on the back, for peace of mind waterproofing that is also airily breathable.


Approximately 20 cm in length.

Approximately 6-7cm snapped width.

PUL fabric has a minor imperfection, as indicated by the red arrows in the product photos. This fault does not affect the laminate layer. There may also be small marks on the PUL. These marks may wash out, but I cannot guarantee this.

Whoops - I forgot to take a photo of the inside of this PUL before construction! The inside is similar to the other Imperfect Pads of this nature, where the fault does not affect the laminate layer. Please see product photos in other Imperfect Pad listings for reference.

Imperfect items will be marked with an "I" on the label.

* New Woman Pads have been designed to have the flip-out feature, where the absorbent inner core can be folded out for more thorough washing and faster drying. This also allows the stain-removing powers of the sun to help naturally bleach the fleece.

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