Uterus Uber Pad

Tiny but strong, a woman's uterus is an exceptionally powerful organ.
This pad celebrates what it means to be a woman with pink tiny uteruses tossed on white cotton sateen.
Candy pink PUL.


When you need some extra absorbency and length, along comes the Scarlet Eve Uber pad. The flip-out design evolves to ensure the thirsty core doesn't take long at all to dry. A trustworthy support for heavy and night time bleeding, and for use postpartum.


4 layers of bamboo fleece for heavy absorption of both menstruation, lochia and bladder leakage.

PUL fabric on the back, for peace of mind waterproofing that is also airily breathable.


Approximately 30 cm in length.

Approximately 8cm snapped width.

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