Pink & Purple Milky Mat

Top: Divinely soft hot pink Minky  
Bottom: Striking purple, grey, and pink swirl print PUL



Removable double thickness bamboo fleece booster, so absorbent, even the milk from the leakiest breasts will be well contained.



Product Description

Milky Mats were developed for breastfeeding mothers who find themselves leaking milk over night, or who might be bed-sharing with a breastfed child who may pull off during a strong letdown or vomit.

It is not recommended that breastfeeding (or any!) women wear a bra to bed, and breast pads won’t be held in place without one –  unless with sticky tape …

I also found due to nipple damage, that I had to be topless for a few weeks early on (I didn’t go anywhere and only a special few visitors were allowed to come and see us!). At night this would mean I would be laying in puddles of milk and having to wash sheets daily.

Milky Mats are made from a non-absorbent top fabric such as fleece or minky, and backed with a waterproof layer of PUL. They are shaped like a pillow case, so that an absorbent bamboo booster can be placed inside.  You can use the Milky Mat with old towels folded inside for absorbency, as well.

Milky Mats are machine washable on cold and line dried (preferably in the shade). They should be very fast-drying and may only need a quick handwash daily.

The booster will need to be washed in the washing machine and can be line dried, or placed in a dryer.

Once the Milky Mat is no longer needed for this purpose, it can be used as a change mat when you’re out and about, or passed onto another new mother 🙂

*Please note, this item is NOT to be used in a cot without 100% adult supervision. It is not made to fit a cot securely or tightly enough to be safe for infant sleep. It is meant for use in an adult bed only.

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