Lumbareeze Heat Wrap

Lumbareeze™ is locally owned and made here in Perth.

Heat is a proven pain easing tool, and with the ability to fasten it around your belly when you have menstrual cramps, or around your back when you have back pain, the Lumbareeze takes convenient, functional relief to the next level.

Lumbareeze is available in three sizes.
Small   90-110cm
Medium   105-125cm
Large   120-140cm

Lumbareeze™ as its name suggests, targets the lumbar (lower back) area, but can be equally as effective for the hip, abdomen or ribcage areas.

Lumbareeze is manufactured using unique stretch corduroy, which makes it not only comfortable to wear, but supportive as well. It’s like getting two products in one – a back support with a built in wheatbag.

Just place the wheatbag over the site of pain, pull firmly on the straps and fasten securely in place. Lumbareeze fits snugly and firmly and is far more versatile than the standard square wheatbag. Some of the more popular uses are;

–         to apply heat and support whilst carrying on with light activity.

–         to target severe pain whilst allowing you to rest in any position (eg laying on     your side)

–         to prevent pain and tightness by applying heat and support whilst performing an activity which would normally cause pain, eg vacuuming, gardening or sitting at the computer.

–         to pre-heat back muscles prior to activity, eg golf, physical labour.

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