*Imperfect* 100% Cotton Uber Long Pad

Soft, Black cotton Flannel.
Red and White Daisies on Cotton Corduroy.
This Pad has been made using 100% cotton thread for overlocking and construction, and with a printed 100% cotton label.


When you need even more absorbency and length, we bring out the big guns. Introducing the Scarlet Eve Uber Long pad. The flip-out design has evolved to ensure the thirsty core doesn't take long at all to dry. A trustworthy support for heavy and night time bleeding, and for use postpartum.


4 layers of bamboo fleece for heavy absorption of both menstruation, lochia and bladder leakage.

Corduroy fabric on the back, for polyester-free breathability.


Approximately 35 cm in length.

Approximately 8cm snapped width.


Corduroy fabric has a minor imperfection that runs the full length of the Pad, as indicated by the red arrows in the product photos. This fault does not affect the function or texture of the fabric.

Imperfect items will be marked with an "I" on the label.

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