Pink Splodge Milky Mat

Top: Hot Pink Minky 
Backed with Pink, Purple and Grey ink splodge PUL.
Booster: 2 layers of bamboo fleece.


In the early days of breast feeding, sometimes your nipples can be so sore that you cannot bear anything to touch them. So you sleep topless. You also leak all over the bed and wake up in a wet puddle of milk.

If you have nipple thrush or cracks or grazes, airing your nipples is very important. Wearing soggy breast pads all night is a health hazard.

If you have large breasts, laying on your side means that your nipples aren't where the breast pads are anymore. So you leak. Wearing a bra to bed has been linked with blocked ducts and mastitis in breast feeding women.

Feeding your baby laying down can be messy. There is milk, drool and sometimes spew! For these and many other possible reasons, I have developed the Milky Mat.

Topped with super soft stay-dry fabric, and backed with waterproof PUL, the Milky Mat comes with a removable 2 layer booster of bamboo fleece. One end of the mat has a pillow case type opening to keep the bamboo booster inside.

It measures approximately 25cm by 65cm, and the booster is slightly smaller than that so it can be easily slipped in :) You can purchase the bamboo boosters separately to top up the inside, or if you saturate one over night you can swap them over.

The Milky Mat comes with one bamboo booster. Extra boosters are $20 each or you can fold up a flannelette baby wrap or a hand towel and shove that in!


Once you have finished using the Milky Mat for sleeping on over night, you can use it as a change mat - it will roll up nice and compactly in your nappy bag for outings. You can even keep your wipes and nappies INSIDE it if you like :)

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